Tuesday, November 6, 2012

An Introduction

Welcome. Welcome. (said in Effie's Capitol accent) You've stumbled upon something you may not understand. But that's okay. Embrace the madness and you'll be just fine. 

As you've probably already noticed, there are two admins on this blog. Vanessa and myself. We are both copiously in love with books, as you'll soon come to see. We love the same music and the same movies. There are points in time when I believe we may have been separated at birth. The only issue is that I live in Nebraska (yes, I know) and she lives on the coast. So how did we meet do you ask? We bonded over the most wonderful thing one could ever bond over. Books. We are both aspiring writers (her more than myself) and we met on the website Wattpad. It's hard to describe our friendship as anything less than fantastic. And slightly unconventional. 

You'll learn more about us as we go. 

Like Vanessa already explained. This is a blog where we'll share things that inspire us and hopefully inspire others. 

Enjoy :)

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