Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guys...I think I'm ready for Christmas

Hi, first of all I want to announce to y'all that I'm still ALIVE! Yay! I survived my Thanksgiving alright, with spotty internet connection and an overdose of turkey and stuffing (seriously, I can't get enough of that deliciousness). But um, there's a small glitch in my Book of Survival: Last Sunday I went running, and ended up with a very twisted ankle...yeah.

Lemme tell you what actually happened. So I was running with my friend, and since she brought a phone, I figured I didn't have to (WARNING: ALWAYS BRING YOUR PHONE WHEN YOU RUN). We were about 2 miles into our run when my friend said she was not feeling well. So I told her, "Aww, go home then. Are you sure you'll be alright? Cause I was thinking of running another mile or two."

She said, "Yeah, definitely." Then, dubiously: "You know the way back, right?"

I nodded yes. Well, I did know the way back. The thing is, I didn't expect to limp 3 miles home.

Now, drumroll: I stepped on a pine cone and twisted my ankle!

Yes, get it? Pine cone? I'm so ready for christmas now. But seriously, I'm on crutches and all. Cannot wait for christmas break, when I don't have to hobble from classroom to classroom and can just sit on my rear end all day! Crutches are giving me underarm bruises...not fun not fun.

Now, picture time! This is when I went to get my X-ray at the hospital:
(I look happy, don't I? :")

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