Monday, November 26, 2012


After three days of turkey and pie for every meal I have escaped back to the prosaic world of school lunch (it's chicken nuggets today woot woot!). I have probably gained some mass in my lower mid-section and should probably go for a run but I won't because i'm lazy it's snowing and running laps around my living room doesn't sound quite as tantalizing as sitting on the couch with hot chocolate.

Anywaysies. Vanessa is...somewhere. I don't know (as you can tell we're quite organized here). So imma do a music monday. Vanessa. If you want to you can put some up too.

I have a confession. I'm ashamed to say that I may like One Direction. I try not to. I usually hate pop music and boy bands. But I can't help it. I'm sorry. I can't stop listening to Take Me Home (their new album). Seriously, I never gave them a chance until this weekend. And I regret (haha who am I kidding) every hour that I spent watching their video diaries. But I have to say that Over Again is fantastic (along with last First Kiss and Little Things and Heart Attack and Rock You and Kiss You and all of it). Seriously. Look it up. Enjoy it. Get Spotify if you don't have it already (seriously it's a lifesaver/moneysaver).


  1. oh i love that One Direction song!! :)

  2. and I'm back, with a twisted ankle and all. I shall upload a picture and a few words later tonight :) I realize it's Tuesday and technically your turn. I'll write more tomorrow too!