Sunday, November 11, 2012

To Lacey, From Gabriel

9:05 PM
Dear Lacey,

Tonight, the moon is        so shy
       Concealing you                    from the light.

10:39 PM
But              I don’t   need       my        sight

10:42 PM
To see you

                                               Your portrait   crystalline       on my mind.

11:31 PM
Your teeth          are little white squares
                                                  Dainty, dewdrops laughing like bells


          Hmm…and I will never forget

11:32 PM
                                                      The way your fingers touch     mine
                                             Tender,        strong

(Like the     bounces      of guitar   strings!)

12:50 AM
       You always wear those
                                      Oxfords with white bows, complaining to me that
                 They’re one size too small

  Strands of brown hair fell out of your braid

1:17 AM
                                                          Remember the squeaky sound
       the swing set on the playground  used to        make?

1:25 AM
   I miss your white legs 
                           Dangling from that bright yellow 
                                                                          Plastic seat

And your teeth. They were little white squares, I swear. 
They were.

2:48 AM
         Hide and seek,

But never found…

2:56 AM
Lacey, I think the typewriter is making too much noise.
It’s the most beautiful
                              Birthday present I have ever gotten
But I’m afraid it’ll wake my parents.

3:20 AM
Lacey,                        life sucks right now, 

And I miss you.

4:11 AM
If I knew that was the last time you climbed the    lighthouse

                              To watch   stars    with me

I would have never shifted my eyes
                                          They would’ve stayed
                                                                              On you, my eyes

                                                                              On you

4:46 AM
When the            streetlight     finally went            out
                  My   room is 

                                       hazy, my    fingers   are made of             fog
For a second I thought I heard

                              Your footsteps,           your too-small oxford shoes

             Your white knuckles        knocking on the door.

Ghost of my head.

5:25 AM
I’m losing sleep
The way you lose hair―by the fistfuls!

5:29 AM
                       So I trace the orbit of the moon,

And catch your eyelashes on my skin.

5:32 AM
Hey Lacey, what happened?

5:33 AM
Did you cry before you did it?
Did it hurt?

5:34 AM
Did you think about me, for a wisp of a 

5:38 AM
Is it nice up there?

5:41 AM
And Lacey, will you come visit me some day?

6:22 AM
               I can’t take this anymore, it’s all bullshit.

                                                                   Please come back. 

I’m sorry.

6:33 AM
                                    Lacey, do you believe we will meet again?

    Because I do.


I do.

So this is a poem I wrote. 

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