Saturday, December 8, 2012

Things I Have Accomplished...since i disappeared for like a week (sorry)

Sorry! I really meant to get on. I even wrote a bunch of stuff down on a notebook that I would post (which I'll put up soon even though they don't really reflect my mood now). But I got distracted, which is a terrible excuse. Anyway! I've done a bunch since last week.

I finished Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (which was fantastic and silly), and I'm starting in on Restaurant at the End of the Universe. I've made it halfway through the Hobbit, which is hopefully enough to go to the movie with Dad next next week. I've also started Before I Fall which isn't normally what I'd read, but I wanted something easy and not mentally exhausting like what I've been reading (seriously, try to read Hitchhikers, Hobbit, and Perks at the same time. that stuff kills). Yes you did read right *cough cough* Vannessa. I read Perks of being a Wallflower in two days during school because I have a nasty habit of not paying attention in class and that book is the perfect size to hide behind my British Literature textbook, which I would definitely not suggest since it will make you laugh and cry simultaneously and depending on where you are in your reading you will either be exuberant or morose. I loved it. I need to see the movie. Egh.

I've also spent the passed two days re-learning the guitar. We moved recently and so everything got put into boxes and never got unpacked. So yesterday I was feeling driven and emptied six boxes and managed to compress/throw-away enough to fit into one box. And along the way I found my old guitar. Now, when I say re-learning I really mean I tried to learn it one time when I was nine after my aunt got me one for Christmas but I got distracted after three days. So technically...I'm learning guitar. AND MY FINGERS HURT AND TYPING THIS IS TORTURE (the pain requires capslock). The only bad part is that I got it when I was nine so it's a small guitar made for kids. Luckily I'm 5'3'' with the hands of a sixth grader so it's not all that bad. I have learned six main chords and I can play a really crappy version of Oh When The Saints.

Oh! And this should excited some of you! *cough cough again cough* Vanessa. I spent last weekend figuring out how to play Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran on the piano. Yes yes....I know I said I'd play Charlie Brown and record it. Well my G4 key is broken (a thing came off under the jack and now the hammer won't return off the strings and it sounds like a drunken harp) and I can't stand playing anything with a G at the moment so I've been finding songs with G#'s for a week now. But back to topic. I learned that song and I can't stop playing it. It's so beautiful. I took me forever though. There isn't any music for it out there so I had to do it by it's not perfect. But I'll have my sis record me playing it and I'll upload it for you okay? Okay.

That's about all the news I have for you.
<3 Sara

P.S. Here's dear Mr. Sheeran singing Kiss Me in case you haven't heard it yet.
(i will learn to play this on the guitar once my fingers stop bleeding)


  1. we need to have a conversation about your profound thoughts about Perks.
    after all, I'm writing my 12-page senior thesis on that gorgeous book, and I do need some inspirations.

    1. Yes. Yes we do. We should skype or something.