Friday, January 18, 2013

Drum roll for new tradition!

Which is--bum bum bum--


Like the name, I'm going to talk about a little fashion tips every Friday. And by fashion tips I mean my style preferences in clothing, makeup, accessories, etc. I hope that by introducing Fashion Friday to our blog, it'll be more fun and practical.

Anyhow, today I'm going to talk about styling cardigans. The one shown in the photos happens to be a long-ish, mid-thigh-length piece. In case anyone is wondering, it's from Free People, and I bought it on sale I think.

style #1: casual
I paired the cardigan with a boyfriend jean shirt (long-ish, covers my butt), leggings, and riding boots (and of course, the apple :)
Personally this is my favorite combination, because it's comfy, and warm, and is suitable for an outdoor field trip day, or just regular school, or even to the park.

style #2: dressy
For this outfit, I paired the cardigan with a maroon dress with the cute bow-tie :) and I'm wearing the same riding boots. I don't know if you can see it, but I'm wearing black knee socks, they peek out the boots just a little bit...yeah. This outfit could be for dates, or a dressier dinner occasion. 

style #3: lazy-bum :DDD
There is no picture for this style... because it's lazy bum style, and it's not supposed to look good! For this style, I'm going for comfy. So what you do is: you throw on some t-shirt and yoga pants, and then drape the cardigan over for warmth and fuzziness...zzZ, time for a nap or movie!!

Finally, I'm gonna sign my post with a funny picture of me in style #2.
Vanessa :]


  1. So...this totally just inspired me. I actually have a cardigan like this and had completely forgotten about it. Woops :P

    1. haha be sure to snap a pic when you sport it :) let's see you rocking it