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Insanity Candoramity: Insurgent

Title: Insurgent
Author: Veronica Roth
My Rating: 3.2
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Wow. First of all I would like to say that Insurgent blew Divergent right out of the water. Secondly, I would like to say that it still didn't live up to my expectations.
This is a beautiful plot, with an amazing setting. The idea behind this book is fantastic, but the execution leaves something to be desired.

First half of this book was...zzzzzzzzz. Huh? Oh, sorry! I fell asleep just thinking about it. So boring, so completely useless.
Second half of this book was...not that great either. But I'm holding my head high, and praying that it's just fallen prey to the "second book curse" and is just setting up the series for a majestic ending to end all endings. *crossing fingers*

And then there were spoilers... (skip to the next purple bit if you don't want them)

Let us begin with the characters. I would like to blatantly say that none of the characters in this story caught my attention. You never fell in love with them. You never hated them. It was like reading a news article about people you don't know, something that doesn't affect you. Seriously, when they started bring back characters...I couldn't remember who they were. I had to go back to the Divergent and re-read parts to remember what the characters had done (I forgot that Will died...and who Will was in the first place)

Tris is...weak. I actually liked her a bit more in the first book. In this one, she seems to spend too much time trying to deal with the death of her parents and Will. Now, while I understand that this had to be hard for her, it still seemed too much. Also, her aversion to guns, while creating an extra conflict in the story, was extremely annoying after multiple mentions. Her insistence on dying for the first half of the book was alarming, but finally tapered off after she "died". One of her redeeming qualities is her divergence, which finally came into play in this book (thank god). Her aptitude for Erudite was very interesting as we witnessed her develop plans and beat Jeanine at her own game.

Moving on to Tobias/Four/whateveryouwannacallhim. Where? Did? He? Go?
Yes, I understand that this book revolves around Tris, and she was always going off by herself and risking her life (and Tobias had to come and save her...multiple times). But seriously, it was like he didn't even exist at times. Tobias was Tris's redeeming quality. Tobias was what made Tris interesting. Yet Roth constantly left him out of the plot line. Why? I don't know.

Even though no time passed between the first and second books, I felt like the characters were completely different. The relationship felt forced. It didn't feel real. Not because the characters didn't feel it. But more like Roth didn't. The relationship seemed to take a backseat (which isn't always a bad thing), and the story lost some of its luster. Don't get me wrong. The relationship was definitely there. They make out every chapter for the first half of the book. But then Tobias tells Tris to be safe, Tris promises to, Tobias falls asleep, Tris slips out to risk her life. EVERY TIME. There just wasn't a point.

There were some nice twists that came about in the second half of the book. Peter, finally, turned out to be (moderately) good, and helped to save the plot. Caleb turned out to be bad. Which I guess didn't surprise me since his presence in the story was ultimately useless otherwise.

You are safe now... (no more spoilers from here on)

I would like to state that NO ONE IN THIS BOOK IS EVIL. Jeanine is disturbed. But not evil. I didn't hate her. I just found her annoying. Like a mosquito. Or draperies.

Let's just say that no one is this book is endearing, nor is anyone despicable. They are forgettable at best.

Oh goodness. What happened at the end? It was so strange. I'm not going to talk about it. You can draw your own conclusions. I hate all book endings.

So, after reading this entire review, you are probably wondering why on earth I gave this book three stars? Because the main idea behind this is brilliant. I love the factions. I love the simulations. Let's face it. I'm Jeanine.

While I do find the factions...useless (they never really are explained), and the whole, "Dauntless have to have tats and piercings. They have to jump of trains and pull bullets out of their abdomens without pain killers," and "Erudite have to wear glasses," and "Amity have to act like hippies and be pumped full of drugs so that they act like hippies," is moderately annoying. It's almost too cliche.

But I still LOVE it. If you ignore the serious lack of story line and character building...this book is AMAZING.

In conclusion. It's worth the read in my opinion. The setting is unbeatable. Use your imagination. If you're looking for a quick read, it's totally worth it.

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  1. going back and reading this...i feel like I must have been really bitter when i wrote this.