Monday, January 14, 2013

Movie Monday?

I know we do a music Monday...but I just watched a wonderful movie(ish) this weekend. Maybe I'll do this on the weekends since I never have anything to post over that time. But for right now humor me because this thing was fantastic beyond all compare.

I just watched the Swedish version of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Wow. It was fantastic. Coming from someone who's read the book, this movie was way better than the english version. Don't get me wrong, I liked that version. But the Swedish version is much more in depth.

The acting was perfect in my opinion. Mikael was less pouty (slightly less badass but hey) and most of the backstories were present. Lisbeth was amazing in my opinion (fun fact: she was the gypsy in Sherlock Holmes 2!!!) While graphically, the shots weren't quite as impressive as the english version I think it told a much better story. It also helps that it's no so much a movie as a mini-series so they have a lot more time to tell the entire story.

I'm super excited to watch the next two :D

Also, I got 3/4 done with Django: Unchained but I had to stop because of the emotional exhaustion (that movie is 3 hours of insanity). It's amazing. It's terrifying and funny and horrible and emotional and I had to stop because I wasn't sure if I was supposed to laugh or cry so I was doing both.
And if DiCaprio doesn't get an Oscar for that performance I will freak out.

There's one scene that I think is the best in the movie. There are two black men wrestling on the floor (and this match is to the death btw) and DiCaprio is sitting on a couch watching them. It's really just like a dog fight, but with humans. And Leo is cheering and freaking out like a guy watching his favorite baseball team in a close game. You want to laugh because it's just so funny, but infront of Leo are these two men beating each other. And it's horrid to watch. DeCaprio's performance through the entire movie is this brilliant. He funny, and ironic. You want to laugh with him because he's just so ridiculous. Yet, all around him there are terrible things happening that are caused by him.
I think it's definitely Oscar worthy.


  1. ermahgerd!!! I love the Swedish version!! I mean for the American version I love Rooney Mara and all (and I can't wait to see her in Side Effects, coming soon), but the Swedish version is more...depressing. In a "good" way--for the audience.

    and have you seen Les Mis yet?

  2. right! i love the mood that the swedish one has.

    no i haven't! it comes this saturday and I'm going with a bunch of friends so we can all cry together haha

    1. yes do go!! :D tell me what you think--although i'm sure you'll looooove it