Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Should I read this?

I was on Perpetual Page-Turner, one of my favorite book review blogs, and I saw the blogger Jamie's review on Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi. now, brace yourself for a very brief CAPSLOCK moment: AHHHHHH I DIDN'T KNOW IT ALREADY CAME OUT!!!!!! 

Okay, that was that. I'm done, I swear. Anyways, lemme explain myself. Through the Ever Night is the second installment in Rossi's YA dystopian trilogy, sequel to Under the Never Sky.

So now, excitement and hyperventilation aside, I am serious asking you guys: should I read Through the Ever Night?

Because although I enjoyed Under the Never Sky, unfortunately I could only recommend it with some reservations. For the reasons below (my book review from this summer, when I finished Under the Never Sky):
"My rating: 3.5/5

I had some expectations coming into this book, and I'm happy to say it didn't disappoint! I thoroughly enjoyed Rossi's world-building especially. The enthralling concepts of Pods, Smarteyes, Senses, and the Aether are all very creative and added a lot of spices to the read. Rossi did a good job developing the characters. Their growth is tangible and you do root for them through the read, which is a nice thing.

A few things I wish were done better:

the relationship between Aria and Perry. Although there are certain parts that are delicately written and very wittily handled, I wish the change from their "hatred" to love was less abrupt. Not that it's too sudden, I can obviously feel the shift, but I feel like the moment of their "confessions" came faster than I would've liked.

the pacing. Towards the end (the last quarter of the book, I'd say?) it got really intense and heated up very fast, which I totally loved, but the story sort of starts on the slow side. I guess part of it has to do with introducing the necessary concepts and things like that. But I still wish the story developed faster, like it did in the last quarter. That was captivating and just totally swept me away!

the POVs. I really like how Rossi did it from both Perry and Aria's POVs so that the scenes could be described better, as they experienced different things when they were separate, and give us a good sense of what passes through their minds. However, maybe it's because they're both done in third person, I feel like the different POVs lack a certain intimacy to them. Like, it's not personal enough. If Rossi dwelled on first person, I wonder if things could be different. Maybe it'd deliver a more lifelike, believable reading experience? (NOT saying it's not believable, folks. It was good and real!)

That's all. Overall, I enjoyed this book and would like to see more of Aria and Perry. Can't wait for 2013, when the sequel comes out :)"

I know, I know, I said I couldn't wait for the sequel...but now that the fangirl feelings have subsided, in all seriousness—should I read this book?

Help me!
Vanessa :]



    1. okay! It just costs a small fortune to buy it.....