Monday, February 4, 2013

British Music Monday

I've been slightly obsessed with these guys for quite a while. Their album hasn't released in the US yet (which is extremely annoying), but I'm starting to hear about them on the radio. Their vocals are flawless and their lyrics are actually pretty good metaphorically.

Who is it? Little Mix!!!

Wings - Little Mix (DNA)

I'm awkwardly obsessed with this group. I sing to them in the car and listen to their album when I go running and i dance around my room with the sound cranked up all the way. It's such a happy and uplifting song in my opinion. 

I only wish I could look this good...

So, if you're lucky enough to live in a country where DNA has been released go buy it for the rest of us poor souls stuck here.

P.S. I also suggest listening to Change Your Life, Make You Believe, and Love Drunk. They also have a really fantastic cover of We Are Young by F.U.N. on their Vevo channel on Youtube. 


  1. exactly what I needed on a tuesday morning (a wakeup call, that is)

    1. i get dressed in the morning to their album :P (more dancing than dressing)