Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Question Wednesday: What's with all the useless knowledge?

I've been lying in bed for two hours now, staring up at my ceiling, trying to make it stop spinning around in circles. Staying home sick makes you realize just how much junk you have floating around in your head. 

I can spell "antidisestablishmentarianism" off the top of my head, plus recite the definition and the entomology word for word from Webter's dictionary. But when will I ever use that? When will I ever use a "box-and-whisker plot" or need to "complete the square of this quadratic function" in real life? 

There is so much information that students have to process and retain. The amount is ridiculous, along with the amount of time that they have to learn these subjects. One year is not enough time to learn the basics of physics and chemistry. You can't understand human biology in just one semester (especially when all you do is just read from a book). 

Not only are students being overloaded with information, but the information itself is not useful. It is either far too broad of a topic or it cannot be applied once they get out of the classroom (i.e. antidisestablishmentarianism). 

So, my question is: Why spend so much time learning things that we can't use? Could our time be spent better?


  1. "antidisestablishmentarianism"
    holy cow, I didn't know that is a word!

    1. haha yeahhhh. i use that bit of info on a daily basis.