Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Question Wednesday: Why do people feel this way?

Scenario: Your friend is having this party/gathering at her house this weekend. You are attending. Your crush and some of your other close friends will be going, too. You look forward to the party/gathering all week long, getting so excited, playing out what could happen, how much fun you'd have. You literally cannot wait for weekend to come. And then weekend does come, and you do go to the party/gathering, and so do the said people above. You have a fairly good time, but in the end, you feel like it's not even close to how you've imagined it.

Question: Why?
Why do you feel like that you've been let down when you've probably had a great time (if you didn't have your hopes up so high)?

Tell me.
Vanessa :]


  1. I do this too! It's a constant issue with me. It actually stops me from going to stuff because i know I'll just be dissapointed. I think it's a book-reader thing. We're so used to imagining these worlds inside our heads that are perfect and exactly what we want when we read books. We can't bare to have things not work out the way we thought.

    1. a book-reader's thing--how interesting! I never thought about it this way before... but I guess you're right!