Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This is a legit Question Wednesday

Not to overthrow the legitimacy of the previous Question Wednesdays--what I'm saying is that, this Wednesday's question is by no means a rhetorical one. It's a practical question that I'm seeking an immediate answer to.

The Question is: What to buy in (Southern) India?

Because oh because oh because--I AM GOING TO INDIA FOR SPRING BREAK!!!!! asdfs;ghaldkfs;f;hagkdfs (yes, Vanessa needs to calm down. Leaves)

And now I'm back. All calmed down, I promise. Anyways, I am officially going to Southern India (Bangalore, Mysore, etc) with my high school for a spring break trip (which is in 2 days)!!!!! I am super  duper excited and am looking forward to it very very very very (insert 1,000 more "very") much :)

I'm a girl who loves shopping, and I will definitely be buying souvenirs for friends and family, too. So I was wondering if there's anything worth of buying in India--of course, I know I'll find a lot of amazing things there, but I just want to know if there's anything special/one of a kind that I could bring back.

Vanessa :]

p.s. I will be in India from March 1-17, so I won't be able to blog (spotty/zero internet + possible power outages)... I will miss you guys.... but I will do a massive post about India (maybe a Savvy Saturday?) once I'm back!!


  1. OMG STAHP!!!!!! That's amazing! :DDD
    I would totally buy a bunch of bangles because they're small and awesome and sound cool when they clang together on your wrist (my reasons are subpar). Their tea is amazing!!! My aunt went there and got some for me. I LOVE it. If I were going I would totally get a saree too. I think they're so gorgeous. OH! and because bring food is problematic I would buy a cookbook or something with some of the favorite food that you'll try while over there.

  2. and incense!!! oh! and maybe like a traditional musical instrument. that would be awesome.

  3. also, I've heard that anything marble is actually really cheap in india.

    1. ahhhhhhhhhh asdfjkf;a;ghdfksjlfh;galkdfs now you got me super duper excited too!!!! :DDDDDDD I'll def buy some bangles and stuff :D my teacher says everything there is super cheap so I'm excitedddd (since I'm broke haha)