Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How to say goodbye?

This is a legitimate question: how does one say goodbye to something or someone one loves? 

As graduation looms nearer and nearer, I cannot help but contemplate this question. Recently I've been getting teary-eyed over the littlest things. I go to a boarding school, and although I don't love every moment of my days here (trust me the ups and downs are like a roller coaster), now I find myself unable to leave this place. Here I have friends that I LOVE. And by love I don't mean the kind that you write about in facebook photo captions (example: blah-blah is the best friend one could ask for! love ya!). Here I'm talking about serious love, love that makes you as happy as it makes you sad, this profound feeling that possesses you and engulfs you.

So, how do you say goodbye to a feeling like this? How?

Tell me.

Vanessa :]


  1. I would love to answer this question for you...but I don't know how. I'm asking this myself :(

    1. exactly. The other day I cried just thinking about it.