Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Question Wednesday: on self-confidence (seriously, it's not as boring as it sounds)

Last night I was talking to my friend about our perceptions of self and the issue of self-confidence. Thus the question: why is it that we are often genuinely generous when considering other people's physical appearances, and so harsh when considering our own?

I'm not as sure about boys, but I know that at least for girls, it's so much easier to love someone else's looks (“she has the perfect hair!" "her eyes are gorgeous!" "she is sooooo pretty!") than loving our own ("my hair is so flat." "my fingers are weird." "I have man shoulders.") Personally I have this terrible tendency as well, exaggerating every little flaw of my own, while I find it so easy to find something good about others. 

So, my question is, why? Why do we have to be so mean to ourselves?

Vanessa :]


  1. i think that it's something that society has done to us. we were told from such a young age not to judge others. to always to the beauty in the people around us. but no one ever said "you are beautiful" or "be proud of what you look like" to me when i was younger.
    i know my parents tried to make sure i never got a "big head" and so instead of compliments i would be told i could do better.
    there's this really fine line between humility and self-loathing. and today's society is so obsessed about looks that it's easy to fall on the wrong side of that line.

    1. yes it's so true. I was talking to my friend about it (actually, I was talking to the ignorant one :P). We reached many different conclusions.. I might fill you in via email.