Saturday, May 4, 2013

Graduation Planning!!!

Guess who forgot to hit the "Publish" button? That's right. It's fashion Saturday again everybody :D

It's almost graduation time (I'm sure you're sick of me saying this)!!! And there are things that everybody needs:

  1. A diploma
  2. Money
  3. Graduation gifts for friends and enemies
  4. More money
I'm a huge dress wearer (even though I don't get to do it very often). I love buying dresses for no reason at all. But graduation is definitely a good reason to go shopping. So I've picked out my top three dresses for graduation:

Number One: 

Strapless Chiffon High-Low Dress from

I love high-low dresses so much and this one looks really comfy. And even better yet? It's only $29.50! That's a steal

Number Two:

Chiffon floral-embroidered dress from

This dress is beautiful. I'd never wear it but I can think of a few people who would look gorgeous in it. But...the catch is that it's $115. And if you're going to college and you're paying for it yourself that might be an issue. Still amazing, and it'd make a good homecoming dress.
I found this one in Teen Vogue and I would like to point out that the title of the article ironically is:
"20 Graduation Dresses under $200. These pretty dresses are just right for your big day and won't break the bank." You know how many books I could buy with $115 right?

Number Three:

Floral A-Line Dress from

And making our way back towards affordable ($22) is F21 with this gorgeous piece. I love floral and I love this style. 


  1. to be honest I almost bought the second dress many times...but then the price stopped me :P