Friday, May 17, 2013

Tea party outfit ideas

Summer is fast approaching, and a great idea for spending summer afternoons is throwing (perhaps themed?) tea parties with friends and family. Some fun themes include Alice in Wonderland, good old nail-painting-and-tea-sipping girl time, High Tea, vintage tea parties (see Pinterest board for more).
Some amazing outfits for tea parties are:
this dress is very simple yet cute and absolutely elegant. Just imagine wearing it, lounging around the porch with a cup of Early Grey in hand. Pair with some metallic silver flats or gold strappy sandals and it'll be gorgeous!

this shirt is, again, a simple design, but very classy and definitely comfy (the fabric is soft as a baby's skin!!) What I love about this shirt is its color. You don't see emerald green striped shirts very often, do you? Pair with distressed jean shorts to dress down and lace shorts or chino shorts to dress up.

Something you have to know about me: I adore buttons on shorts. ADORE. They're just sooooo adorable!!!!

beautiful color, sexy dress--need I say more? ;)

Happy summer! Throw awesome tea parties, be beautiful, and have a heck lot of fun!
Vanessa :]

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