Monday, June 24, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: top 10 things I'm looking forward to in Europe

Since I will be embarking on my long journey to Europe in 5 days, I thought it's about time to post my top 10 list of things I can't wait to do and see in Europe! :)

1. drink champaign on the plane

Did you know? Air France is the only airline in the world that offers free in-flight champaign. No way I'm passing up this lovely bonus!

2. see the wall of love (le mur des je t'aime) in Montmartre, Paris

On the hill of Montmartre, there is this wall full of "I love you"s--what's more romantic than that? Definitely a must-see. Maybe one day I will get to write my very own "je t'aime" there too!

3. eat lots of macarons
From the long post about macarons that I wrote a while ago, I believe my passion for these delicacies is pretty obvious... yum.

4. Climb up to the dome of Florence Cathedral
Duomo's dome is spectacular not only from the inside but also from the outside! By climbing up to the dome one will be able to marvel at its special double-shell design more closely.

5. see the mosaics in San Vitale
The picture above is a mosaic in this Early Christian into Byzantine church that depicts the emperor Justinian and his attendants. It's one of the most exquisite mosaics, being made as early as it was, in the 6th century!

6. eat pizza
When in pizza!

7. Make a wish by Fontana di Trevi
and make a wish! It's said that if one throws three coins into the fountain one wishes to stay in Rome forever!

8. eat lots of gelato
need I say more?

9. Visit Mozart's grave
It's not actually Mozart's grave, because no one really knows where the great musician was buried. But this beautiful place in Vienna forever holds a piece of his soul.

10. take a boat trip on the Danube
My best friend who lives in Europe suggested that a boat trip on the Danube would be just gorgeous. After seeing some pictures on Google Image, oh my, I am so in!

Vanessa :]

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