Tuesday, July 9, 2013

top ten tuesday: top 10 things I loved about Paris

I just had an ah-mazing week in Paris, and this post is kind of a sum-up of what I did (and loved!) :D

1.Point zéro

Point zero, like its name, is the starting point of not only the entire Paris but the entire France! All places in France are measured according to point zéro, this small, common-looking golden plate. It’s said that if you make a wish standing upon the star in the center of the plate, your wish will come true! (So of course I made one.)

2. Ladurée

Founded in 1862, ladurée offers fine dining and delicate desserts. The macarons there never fail to attract a line, especially the one on champs-élysées. When I was there I tried some summer special flavors, such as mint. The macaron itself was an icy blue, and the mint tasted cool yet with a hint of sweetness. (More simply put - I was in heaven.)

3.Sainte chapelle

This lesser known attraction is on ile de la cite, by the seine, not far from notre dame. The magnificent Rayonnant Gothic chapel features beautiful stained glass windows so tall that you mistake them for walls. Definitely worth a visit!

4. Panthéon

Based on the more famous Pantheon in Rome, the Pantheon of Paris is home to many famous people who have made extraordinary contributions to France during their lifetimes. In the crypt of the Pantheon you can find the graves of Voltaire, Victor Hugo, the Curies, among many others.


Need I say more? Dazzling array of stores + lovely cafes + the arc of triumph = perfect place for a casual stroll

6. métro

For some reason I find the Paris subway to be endlessly entertaining. The various subway lines take you to many places, including the suburban areas. In addition to the conveniency, I just love the musicians hopping on and off the trains and people-watching on the platform. 

7. Louvre

For art lovers, this is truly and absolutely heaven. Here you can see artworks from all time periods and all over the world! Moreover, the restaurant there (Angelina) is fantastic - they do serve a fine seafood risotto.

8. Towers of notre dame

Almost everyone know of the notre dame (and yes, it is just breathtaking). However, not that many people know that you can climb up to the towers of this ancient cathedral. There is usually a line, but the view up there is beautiful, plus you’ll get a chance to look at the architecture (the chimeries!) more closely.

9. 58 tour eiffel

A picnic-chic restaurant located on the first level of the Eiffel Tower, 58 tour eiffel offers quick (and good!) hunger fixes. A glass of champagne to accompany the killer view from the eiffel tower? Yes please!

10. Café des deux moulins

This cutesy cafe is where part of the famed french film Amelie is shot. The cafe is still kept the same way as in the film, so people who loved the film will definitely find this place interesting. There are some film posters and props on display in the cafe (don’t forget to check in the famous bathroom!). A few steps away is the carousel and the Sacre Coeur Cathedral which were also featured in the film.

If you ever get a chance to visit this enchanting city, be sure to try out at least a couple of those mentioned above!
happy Tuesday!
Vanessa :]

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