Wednesday, October 9, 2013

On mistakes

Last Saturday I received the extremely sad news of my high school cross country coach's passing. He took his own life after making a terrible mistake that I'm not going to talk about here. Despite the shock and the grief, what bothered me the most is how my school dealt with it. The administration has not talked about his passing properly, and my coach's death won't be celebrated by any teams or student organizations because of the mistake he made. 

This whole incident just got me thinking - how significant is one mistake, exactly? Of course, I know the answer sort of depends on how big the mistake is, but still, is any mistake big enough for someone's death to be overlooked? 

Since I'm not the victim of the mistake, I wouldn't know firsthand how great of a mistake it is, but I personally do not agree that any mistake can surpass the fact that someone has taken their own life. I think the school should give us a clearer answer and allow students to celebrate my coach's life.

What's your take?
Vanessa :]

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