Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: quick hunger fixes (Part III)

***click here for Part I and here for part II***

Finding myself writing about food late at night once again should be argument enough that this is going to be a good post. And yes, I promise it will be good.

7. Apple slices and cheese
Many of you probably have heard of or have had grapes with cheese, but how many of you knew apple slices go just as well with cheese? The crispy sweetness and slight juiciness of apples complement the harder texture and more pungent taste of cheese extremely well. 
And if you're feeling fancier, I dare you to try an apple grilled cheese.
8. Strawberries and Nutella
Living in a dorm means that you gotta love all things to do with dips. Be it salsa, Nutella, or hummus, everything dipped is just easy to fix and usually super yummy to eat. This strawberries and Nutella combination should be pretty self-explanatory. But the taste! Yum. It'll surprise you for sure.

9. hummus and chips
What did I say about dips again? Yummmm. What's better is that these two things in this quick hunger fix are pretty easy to find in grocery stores or school stores all over campus!

10. Microwave scrambled eggs
Got eggs? Craving scrambled eggs but ran out of meals in your meal plan? No problem! All you need is a microwavable bowl or plate that is not too shallow and however many eggs you want (preferably two or three). Crack the eggs and pour them in, add a little bit of salt, and whisk them until everything is combined. Since every microwave is different, I'll just tell you what I like to do, and you can test it out on your microwave to see if it works: I put it in for one minute on high, and it'll come out just right. This recipe is perfect for brunches, complete with microwave toast and perhaps some chunky peanut butter :D

Happy eating!
Vanessa :]

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