Monday, January 6, 2014


Winter quarter at my college is known for bitter weather and icy winds. Before I left home for school, I checked the weather, and man, we are in for record low temperatures!

As my flight landed, all I could see out the windows was thick, thick, thick fog. I still marvel at how the pilot managed to land so well. As soon as I came out of the airport - somehow thinking that I'd be okay in only a layer of fleece - I thought my face was going to fall off (like, actually). When I took a breath, it felt like my lungs were going to implode on themselves...! That's exactly how cold it felt. Within five minutes I couldn't even sniffle - all the liquids in my nose have solidified.... yes, turned into ice.

When I got to campus, there was a horrendous amount of snow. And it was in the forms of snow mountains like this one below:
Good thing is, people are still finding ways to enjoy this bitter weather:
And it was really pretty when I woke up this morning:
Even though when I went outside, the windchill made the already low temperature feel like this:
And for this reason, school is canceled. So of course everyone is like this:

Conclusion: even though it's officially a snowpocalypse in Chicagoland now, no school is still a pretty sweet life.

To everyone currently in Chicagoland: Stay warm and be safe!
Vanessa :]

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