Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A poem...

Yesterday, I saw a photo on Humans of New York's Facebook page of this couple lying on a meadow - I think in Central Park - reading to each other. Just then I thought, wouldn't it be wonderful to read to one's significant other? This outrageously romantic gesture is so rarely done nowadays. So I proposed to my boyfriend that we should read some poems to each other this weekend. After the proposal, I thought what would be better than a poem that I personally wrote about him, about us. So, voila. A poem of love.

Love is…

Love is your scent on the pillow long after you left the bed
Love is your fingers playing with my hair
Love is my heart beating when you kiss me or cry
Love is the spooning after the fight
Love is the stars and the salted sand on my eyelashes after the third piña colada
Love is when I slip my fingers through yours in the cool air and they just fit
Love is the silky touch, the murmurs and dimples as we dream
Love is the warmth of freshly stripped clothes scattering the floor
Love is a look, a song, a senseless comment in the middle of somberness
Love is the charge in the air that tastes like clean flesh, which makes me drunk
Love is the future in endless lists on our phones
Love is me and love is you
Love is you love me and I love you.

Happy summer! (Or spring, where I am...)
Vanessa :] 

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