About Us

Name: Vanessa Gao
Gender: F (obvi)
Age: 19
Things that characterize me: ice cream, fictional cute boys (and real ones, of course), Paris, boarding school (yes, I went to one), movies, writing, guitar (only interested if I have a guitar pick in hand, 'cause I'm godawful at it), piano, macarons (and basically anything French), traveling, belting out songs in the shower, Queen of Making Playlists, nickname Wildcard (don't ask)
^and may I mention this is a list still in compilation
A long(er) description of me:
Hi, I'm Vanessa, and I enjoy pleasant things. This blog is dedicated to my writings about these pleasant things in life. Oh, in case you're wondering, my family is Chinese (not Korean, not Japanese).
Last but not least, I always sign my posts with "xx Vanessa :]" (or the occasional "cheers.")
^ooh, turns out this is actually shorter than the section above...shite (attempting a fake British accent)

Name: Sara Cooksley
Gender: delusional female
Age: physically - 18 / mentally - 12 (on tuesdays)
Interests: movies, food, books, same fictional boys as vanessa, writing, chocolate, rage faces, tom hiddleston, piano, and sleeping in an upright position with my eyes open
Favorite Colors: Red & Purple (not together)
Spelling: poar
Moar? ¡Hola! I don't speak spanish...so that's about as far as that one is going to go. I'm a dauntless born seventh year at Torchwood, studying to be a Shadowhunter, and attempting to escape the Enclave. I survived the Reichenbach Fall, and a couple Dalek invasions (note to self: don't spend Christmas in London) and the Delirium. And that's what you missed on Glee!

But on a (slightly) more serious note: I live in:

I'm a high school graduate *celebratory dance break*. I play every bit of sheet music I can get my hands on. I enjoy four-wheeler riding and book reading. My favorite class is Physics and I'm going to be a physical therapist. I'm rarely serious. I usually reference to at least one fandom in every post (I'm obv on tumblr) and I seem to have fallen prey to the One Direction infection (whoops). I usually don't sign my posts with anything because I'd forget and I don't want to get your hopes up.

Now, excuse me while I go to my mind palace and brace myself, because winter is coming.

[About.me for an easy outline]


P.S. We do seriously love books so if you've got any recommendations for either of us give us a shout out in the contact tab and we'll totally read/review it!

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