Rating System


Sara and I mainly review YA literature, with the occasional exception. We rate our books on a scale of 1-5, like on Goodreads—although sometimes I do wish there is such a thing as a rating of 0. Sadly that thing is called DNF (aka "did not finish").

What the scores mean:

1-1.5      horrendous; would never recommend to anyone under any circumstances (no, not even if we're enemies and I hate you)

1.5-2.0   dreadful; unless you have no particular taste for books do not (and I repeat, do not) read it

2.0-2.5   poor; maybe recommended to my enemies

3.0-3.5   average; a meh-book, recommended for summers or when you are just generally bored

3.5-4.0   above average; a plot I can follow and sort of enjoy

4.0-4.5   pretty darn good; recommended with minor reservations

4.5- <5.0  near perfect; strongly recommended

5.0         impeccable; must read must read must read must read


Vanessa and I rate movies generally the same as books. 1-5 with a DNF for the absolute worst (and believe me, it takes a lot to make me not finish a movie)

0.0-0.5  run away; what is this? why did you spend money to make this thing? people were payed to stand in front of a camera and read terrible dialog. plot is nonexistent. 

1.0-1.5  desperation; i guess you can watch this if you're desperate and don't mind leaving with an awful taste in your mouth. the plot is sparse and acting is rough

2.0-2.5  average; your basic commercial grade film. the plot is good enough to keep your interest and the acting is enough to believe the characters are real

3.0-3.5  above average; not too bad. plot drives the movie and the actors portray their roles with skill. interesting to watch and you'll leave the theater/couch happy (or sad if that's what the movie calls for)

4.0-4.5  dude, you should watch this; fantastic storyline that engrosses you almost immediately. the set is perfect and the acting is spot on (almost award winning). you'll leave with your emotions in complete shambles and give you a to-go box of feels. 

5.0  perfection!; this movie could never be better. you'll never get over this film. it will affect you in a way that will haunt you for the rest of the week. the writing is superb as well as the directing. the actors deserve a round of drinks and a hug.

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