Sunday, July 28, 2013

Music Monday: what about choir

Hi y'all, for today's Music Monday I want to do something different. In the past I've always introduced playlists or songs that reflect my mood. Today I feel like doing a completely different genre - choir! 

Personally I have been in choir in and out for more than ten years. Here's a picture of me in World Choir Games (the equivalent of Olympics in the choir world) back in the summer of 2008. My middle school's entire choir made a trip to Graz, Austria just for the Games! In fact I was back in Graz just a few days ago to revisit the good memories. (And that is another story, which I will blog about soon.)

Anyway, so now you know that choir is of great significance to me, and whenever I come across a good choir on Youtube or in real life I just get these inexplicable feelings. Sometimes I even burst into tears (yes, I realize how crazy that sounds). Today I want to introduce this one especially amazing group from Europe, Scala & Kolacny Brothers. I first heard one of their songs in a random playlist on 8tracks, and I was all aslfljkadsfsglshg;djafhsg;ad. (Sorry for my lack of words.) So then I dug them up on the Internet and found out that they were coming out with a Christmas album! It was November last year, and when the album came in December it was one of the best things my ears ever heard.

And now, without further ado:

Vanessa :]

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