Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Most Anticipated Fiction Fall 2013

After watching so too many TV shows that aren't even that well executed, I decided that it's time to jump back into the arms of my good old friend who never disappoints - books! Here's a list of 10 fictional novels that I can't can't can't wait that I came up for myself, I thought I'd share it with you guys!

*there is no specific order to the list.


1. Allegiant by Veronica Roth
The third and final installation in the quick-paced, adrenaline-inducing Divergent series = huuuuuge anticipation

2. The Bones of Paris by Laura R. King
Okay, just the name gives me chills. I've always automatically associated Paris with romance, love, lightheartedness, and all things good and sweet. But bones? No-o-o-o-o. So I'm really curious about what story this "novel of suspense"entails, especially because, oh la la, it takes place in the sensual Jazz Age.

3. How the Light Gets In by Louise Penny
Yet another mystery/thriller set in my favorite time of the year (for reading mystery/thriller and otherwise): Christmastime! Can't wait to feel the clash between the tension and the festiveness.

4. The Secret Keeper by Beverly Lewis
This story is about a girl abandoning modern life to pursue another living in the Amish community. I've never read any book about the Amish people and their ways of living, so I think this should be really interesting!

5. Paradise City by Joe Gunther
Gotta love this misty & mysterious cover. Another mystery/thriller about a thief stealing eccentric items across town.

6. United We Spy by Ally Carter
An intense spy story in a high school setting...ooh...

7. The Hero by Robyn Carr
Yet another hauntingly beautiful cover. A story about falling in love when you least expect it, and how this seemingly romantic act can also require courage and determination.

8. Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
A novel by Stephen King and a sequel to The Shining - need I say more?

9. The Returned by Jason Mott
Seriously, what is up with these just breathtaking covers? They just make me want to read the book so much more! This story has a very captivating premise: After having lost their eight-year-old son many many years ago, the parents find their son on their rooftop one morning, very much alive, still eight years old. He has "returned."

10. The Longest Ride by Nicolas Sparks
A Nicolas Sparks book is always an enjoyable read (and most likely a tear-jerking one.)

Vanessa :]

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