Thursday, August 29, 2013

What do you want? Fall accessories?

A few rainy days later, the air is suddenly crisp, the wind chilly. The sky is high, the leaves are turning golden. My baggy sweaters and frilly scarves are dug up from the bottom of my dresser again.

It's time to shop for fall accessories.

Here are a few things I have my eyes on :)
This eccentric little gadget is sure to catch eyes, with its cute tassels and ocean-y colors clashing with the monotonic yellows and browns of fall weather.

This delicate accessory is perfect for the girly girls, or for those who just want a feminine twist on their tomboy outfits.

How about a pair of warm-colored tights to dress up the cold weather? Pair these babies with a baggy sweater + cute skirt + leather boots = perfection

Okay, admit it, hearts never go out of style. Wear this to give your mood an extra boost, an extra reason to smile on a bad-weather day. Plus, isn't its name just the cutest - Heart on your sleeve? Who else is smitten? At least I am!

Happy fall/autumn!
Vanessa :]

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