Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This is not much of a question but more a rant

Okay, so today I got deferred by the college I applied ED to. Today's Question is not going to be about "why oh why why you defer me insert school name" (although I'd like to have that discussion sometime). What I actually want to talk about today is a question that I have no answer to. 

You know how when you fill out college apps they ask you to indicate your ethnicity, right? The result is that certain ethnicities are easier to get into schools than others. No offense to the minorities, but I can't help but wonder: does this count as racial discrimination?

This is a question that I have no answer for. A first, I know. But I'd love to hear what YOU thinks!

Cheers :]

P.S. after I got deferred my friends and I went out to dinner at my town's diner and I ate my feelings (giant stack of banana pancakes). Grrrrreat.

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