Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gorgeous Spring Wallpapers

Brought to you by Gizmodo.
(meaning I just read this article and I'm going to steal it 
because these are too pretty not to share with you guys)

I acknowledge the fact that it is not Tuesday. I couldn't come up with anything good yesterday. But then this article presented itself and I couldn't resist. I was looking for a new background and I stumbled upon it.

So here are my top ten backgrounds submitted to Gizmodo for their First Moments of Spring shooting challenge:

And because it's Wednesday I might as well just make it even crazier and only put five (this is not because I'm lazy (who am i kidding i'm lazy) but because you'll have to visit the website to see more of them because I feel bad for stealing their article). 

So visit the article here to see who Gizmodo picked at their top ten. And visit the flickr page to get the HQ versions. Spruce up your desktop for this spring :D

[Sources: Gizmodo]

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