Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Things I love about India

Last week I didn't get to write about India (but Sara did get to write this awesome post), so today I'm gonna wrap up this long top 10 list and be done let you know all about India!

Alright... last two things!

9. the weather
Actually, I'm lying a little bit here... the weather is literally 100 degrees every day...so calling it love is not as adequate as if I say love-hate relationship. Because, indeed, I love-hated the weather in India, especially in Kerala, the more Southern province we went to. 
Why I loved the weather: because it's so hot! And it's amazing to jump into the pool or just, enter an air-coned room. It's really lovely that way. And another complimentary bonus that comes with the heat is the burning sun. Boy, did I get a very nice tan while I was there.

10. I'm not cheating because I absolutely have to repeat I HAVE TO REPEAT: THE FOOD!!!!!
Seriously, the food is ah-mazing!! There are just so many different Indian cuisines that I can't pick one thing to call my favorite, but but bbbbut, Indian food is so savory and yummy and makes my mouth water at the thought of it. 


  1. Hi there! (:
    I actually went to India in December and the weather there was nice then too! Wasn't too cold so it was still pleasant ^^
    If you like the heat, you should try visiting closer to the summer. I've heard that it can get really hot around then, ahaha.
    Hope you enjoyed your trip!

    1. Hi, sorry I just saw your reply somehow :) really? wow, maybe the region I went to was more to the South, that's why. And yes, I enjoyed my trip very much! Did you see my Part I and II of this top ten list? I posted a lot of photos in those two :)