Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fashion Friday: Sweater Weather

[Takes a deep breath] fall is finally here! Finally finally finally - the air is crisp in the morning, the ground is dotted with red and yellow, coffee shops start to become crowded, pumpkins are laid out in front of houses and restaurants... in short, the perfect time of year! AKA the perfect sweater weather :) (Pun intended - love love love that song.)

Anyway, seems to me that fall is the perfect weather to wear sweaters + jeans + boots. So, without further ado:

1. Simple is good.
This grayish beige cable sweater from American Eagle Outfitters is so simple, yet it has this undeniable appeal to me, because I can literally pair it with anything and look good. For those of you who like to go crazy with patterns and colors, keep in mind that sometimes simple is good.

2. That snug fit
This cozy cardigan from Urban Outfitters offers everything amazing about sweaters: warm, comfy, casual. Pair it with patterned or colorful pants for a street chic look, or wear it over a dress to be girly and cute!

3. feminine and comfy two-in-one
Another great item from Urban Outfitters - who said femininity and comfiness can't go together?

4. La classique
Last but not least, the classic. You could never go wrong with this elegant color combination style from J Crew.

Wear sweaters and happy fall!
Vanessa :]

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