Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: quick hunger fixes (Part I)

Now that I've been living in a dorm and going to classes and parties and football games and late-night Cheesie's runs (Cheesie's is this amazing grilled cheese place in town) for a while, I feel legit to declare myself as a college student. As most of you college kids out there would agree, I think food is a very important aspect of college life. I know that personally I can't focus on anything on an empty stomach, or after an unsatisfying meal (which could happen in the cafeteria sometimes..).

So today I'm here to start a new Top Ten Tuesday topic: food!!! Yayyyy :D 
And I'm not just talking about any food, I'm talking about easy-to-make snacks or DIYs that you could create in the cafeteria that are sure to leave your tastebuds content.

Without further ado:
1. EXTRA CHEESY Easy mac n' cheese
Throughout the weeks, I've started to discover that microwave mac n' cheese is a college/dorm life essential. Late night hunger pangs while rushing through an essay that's due at midnight? No problem - pop one of these plastic bowls into the microwave and you'll have deliciousness in three minutes! My personal favorite is the Kraft brand mac n' cheese, those pretty little blue bowls with mouthwatering pictures of mac n' cheese on top. 
How I usually make it is the EXTRA CHEESY way - where the instructions tell you to put water, I put milk. But NOTE THAT you shouldn't fill up to the line that's meant for water. Pour in enough milk so that it's just below the line. That should be good. Otherwise microwave catastrophes might ensue...

2. Chai Milk Tea
So I got these packets of chai tea (the bagged kind) from Whole Foods the other day... and it turns out they come out clear, just like green tea. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MILKY YUMMINESS that I'm used to call chai tea?!?
In order to solve this problem, after making tea the regular way (heating up water and seeping the tea bag for 3-5 minutes), I pour a little milk in and add honey. The reason why I added honey is because I think it's healthier than plain sugar yet gives the same sweetness that's essential to a good cup of chai. After discovering this way of making chai, I've been addicted to this drink. The cold weather helped further solidify this addiction, let's just leave it like that.

3. Sliced Coconut

No, you did not hear wrong. I did say sliced coconut. I took the picture above while dying in its deliciousness last night. So before this I never knew they existed in this form - small, peeled slices that you can eat whole. The white part is harder than I thought, and very fiber-y, but it makes a good chew, and leaves a slight sweet, creamy taste on your tongue that I swear is magical. Try it.

Happy eating and foodie-ing!
Vanessa :]

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