Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: quick hunger fixes (Part II)

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Yay! More yummy food! As I'm writing this late at night, my stomach is starting to protest... might actually get myself to the kitchenette in my dorm and fix myself one of these options later.

4. root beer float
This amazing drink/dessert combination is SUPER DUPER easy to make - just pour root beer into a glass and dump in a scoop (or two) vanilla ice cream and you're all set for deliciousness!

5. cookie dough dip
This is assured to fix your cravings for sweet and rich things. Dole out frozen cookie dough into a container and let it sit until the dough turns soft but still cold-ish. And then - dip animal crackers, Oreos, Saltines, whatever you feel like munching on really, into it and enjoy! 
This is great for when you have friends over to hang out or when you're pulling an all-nigher and just need some sugar.

6. Nutella & banana sandwich
Just looking at this picture makes my mouth water, no joke! This heavenly delicacy takes only about three minutes to make, and it can be easily done either in the cafeteria or in your dorm. Just toast one or two slices of bread and slather on Nutella generously. Then add banana slices on top, and you're all set for this crunchy, thick and chocolaty treat! Great for breakfast or an energy boost snack.

Hungry yet? Try your hand at some of these!
Vanessa :]

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