Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: (top) 10 things I love about India PART I

Okay, finally I'm over jetlag, and my suitcase is unpacked, my India trip officially over. (Too bad school has officially begun too. But das okay.)

So, ready? Top Ten Tuesday! Buckle yourselves in and come along for the ride! Cuz I'm doing a mega Top Ten post about my India trip. Due to the large amount of photos and text, I'm going to divi it up into 3 posts total. Today I'm only talking about 3 things.

Alright, here goes:

(The numbers assigned to the items don't have any relevance to my preference; I love all of these things about India!)

1. the food

Of course, food always comes first. At least for me. I'm such a foodie :P
In India, the staple food is Indian bread (naan, roti, etc), curry (usually vegetable-based, such as paneer curry), stew (lamb stew, pork stew, but no beef), and rice (lamb/egg/veggie/chicken/pork biryani). In Kochi, which is a beach town/major fishing port, I had the luck to try some seafood-based India food, such as the fish curry in the picture above. 

I also loved the tropical fruits, so fresh and sweet. Papayas are my favorite, and pineapples come as a close second. In India, they have really cool sodas too. My favorite is fresh lime soda, which consists of about 10ml freshly squeezed lime juice, some cane syrup, and regular club soda. They also had ginger lime soda at a lot of places we went to; I tried it once and holy smokes, it was the tangiest thing I've ever tried.

Desserts are also fantastic. My favorite would be pancakes with dried coconut and almonds, drizzled with honey. Ooh, or fig and honey ice cream... and mango and chocolate samosas... okay I'm just a pig. Oh well.

(our hotel in Kochi, the dining area on the waterfront)

2. scenery
Seriously, India is probably one of the most breathtaking places I've ever been to in my life (given I've been lucky enough to visit much of Asia, a fair amount of places in Europe, and all over the Americas). Still, India has some serious killer view to offer.

3. Culture
While in India, we went to volunteer at a school, where the kids taught me some Indian dance moves; we went to a festival dedicated to Krishna, and also a traditional Indian performance about a mythological tale. Each experience was overwhelming in all senses, enriching me in my cultural awareness.

 Okay. That took a while. If you're still reading, bravo. I'm glad I did a good job entertaining you. Now, I need to say bye. School's calling (this is written during my off period, which isn't at all that long). I'll be back next Tuesday, though, with more amazing bits of India!

Vanessa :]