Friday, February 8, 2013

Fashion Friday: Be Mine...Valentine's Day special

Valentine's day is coming up, so I thought I should do a little something special for this Fashion Friday. I picked out three outfits, each for a different occasion: romantic date, hanging out with your crush, and girl's night in (or out, if you prefer that).

OUTFIT #1: for a romantic date ;)

This lace dress looks very plain from the front, which is formal-looking--if you and your significant other are going out to dinner, just put on a cashmere cardi and you'll be good to go! However, the naughty side of this dress is in the back, so remember to take off that cardi after dinner and show off your smooth back... 
This dress also comes in a variety of colors, including my favorite, red. This navy color is more suitable for a formal occasion, though.

other items to go with this dress:

OUTFIT #2: for hanging out with your crush!

this denim dress is not as girly as the lacey dress in OUTFIT #1, which is a less intimidating choice of clothing if you're hanging out with someone with whom you're not sure about your relationship. However, a denim dress doesn't mean it can't be flirty and fun, thus the lacey part at the waist. It cinches the waist and gives the dress a kick of naughty ;)

other items to go with this dress:

OUTFIT #3: GNI (or O?)

This casual shirt is made of soft cotton that's great for either a cozy indoor gathering or a outdoorsy night. If you plan to stay inside, just throw on some yoga pants; if you're thinking of an outing, pair the shirt with patterned pants and throw on a warm jacket! This fresh pop of color is sure to brighten your mood :)

and at last, happy early V Day! I hope you all have a wonderful V Day next Thursday ;)
Vanessa :]

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