Friday, November 30, 2012

Comforting Sounds

It's been a long day (and it's only noon) and I needed something uplifting to cheer me up. 

Charlie Brown - Coldplay

I have been listening non-stop to their Live 2012 tour album on Spotify for a week now (along with One Direction). This is one of my favorite songs. Viva la Vida is fantastic too. I like the live version because you can hear the crowd singing along with him. It gives you goosebumps. 

I've been on a piano kick for a couple weeks and managed to go through almost eighty pages of sheet music in two weeks. I've learned everything from Pachelbel to Five for Fighting. I've got eight pieces from this album to learn this weekend. We get another four day weekend so I'll have time. I'm so excited :D
(I've been dying to learn Paradise for almost a year)
(I also want Chris's graffitied piano)  

So I'll probably go on hiatus for a couple days. I might even record myself if I think they're good enough. I've never actually done that. 

<3 Sara

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  1. I want to learn Five for Fighting..!!!! :D if you record anything you play send it to meee