Friday, November 16, 2012

On Boredom

Exactly two hours and thirteen minutes earlier, school let out. I'm now officially on Thanksgiving break for the next ten and a half days. Since I'm leaving campus with a friend of mine who happens to have still not done her laundry nor packed nor figured out where she put her christmas shopping money, I am stuck on campus with a prone-to-increase amount of unstructured free time.

More simply put: I am bored.

I spent the first thirty minutes hunting food in the cafeteria, stuffing anything my fingers can touch into my mouth. I had two bowls of soup, chatted with my friends for the longest time possible (which is, before they all got tired of watching me drink soup and left). Then I went back to my room, packed a little myself, and hung around the dorm lounge with a few fellow layabouts. 

And after that, I have nothing to do. So I find myself bored out of my mind.

Which is wrong.

I remember when I was a little kid, my dad set this house rule for me: There is no such thing as boredom. So I couldn't complain that I was bored, because there always had to be something that I could do. Looking back now, this No Boredom rule is part of the reason why I spent my long summer days reading books, or why I learned to ride a unicycle (YES! I can ride a unicycle), or why I decided to learn some Korean.

So just now, when I was sitting here, thinking about how bored I was, I remembered the No Boredom rule. And how long it's been since I last followed it. Over the years school has kept me on my toes 24/7, busy with one thing after another. So when all of a sudden there is no school and just pure good break, believe it or not, I don't know what to do! I sit here thinking I should relax, but I don't know what tv show I should watch--not even the idea of taking a nap appeals to me now! Because I just. Have. So. Much. Time!

But I can't live like this. I'm going to feel even more dispirited and less rested if I spend the next ten days of my break roaming around feeling bored. I SHALL FOLLOW THE NO BOREDOM RULE! I shall read books and go out to town and even maybe shop a little (well, a lot, on Black Friday that is). And if your break is coming up too, you should do the same. Do something productive. Get your butt off the couch and stop laying about. DO IT! You will find yourself in a much better mood if you try to be active over break--trust me. This is the advice from someone who used to not know boredom (and is trying to re-unknow it now).

Happy Thanksgiving break everybody!


  1. Hey there! :) I'm HB ^^

    Oh god, I tend to get bored even if I have tons of work to do >< You're lucky you actually have time to read and shop :(
    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving break! :D

    1. Hi HB :) Nice to meet ya! Glad you decided to show up and post a comment! Well, I have tons of works to do too...I just try to make sure I'm not procrastinating while I'm doing it :P

      How's your Thanksgiving break going?