Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the Age of Miracles (poem inspired by The Fault in Our Stars)

**SPOILER ALERT** anyone (cough cough, Sara) who wishes to read the book the Fault in Our Stars unspoiled is strongly advised not to read the poem below.

That said, the daring ones out there, here ya go.

The Age of Miracles

I knew that it wouldn’t last
A star       burning too bright from the start
A father’s staccato sobs    poising in the     dark

               Breathing seems so easy to do
                                       Until it’s not anymore

No. Oxygen.

                   The holes in my lungs, 
            I know you hear them, too.
                               So why do we      try?

              Confetti drizzled    from           the sky
    The water lapped,     choirs sang
           Together we poured and tasted       the stars


Is it a shout into the void?

       Infinities piled upon infinities
           You smiled.

                                                     Even the brightest light couldn’t save your
                                        Vanishing act 

The end.

         I dropped a popsicle stick      on the    ground one day
And watched it    buried
                   By   kingdoms   of ants

                                  In the   Literal   Heart   of Jesus
                                                          We are just as small.    As    weak.

      There is nothing like a    firework    show
         When you’re sick
                         And ice cream is the  only    kind   thing 

In the whole world.

  I love you.          (present tense)

My life is a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.

*** I intend to write this into a song someday :]

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