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But a kiss would be enough: Amore 14 (2009)

Title: Amore 14
Language: Italian
Year: 2009
Director: Federico Moccia
Starring: Veronica Olivier, Beatrice Flammini, Flavian Roberto
My Rating: 4/5

Based on a novel of the same name, this refreshing Italian film follows fourteen-year-old Carolina as she enters the world of teenagers, falls in and out of love, and does all things teenagers do (which includes quite a bit of family problems, girl drama, etc). 

This is one of those films that is just overflowing with youth and will make anyone feel like a teenager again. As Carolina falls for the cute boy Massi, which she met at a record store (seriously, how much more adorable can it get?!), I cannot help but fall with her. Massi is charming with a big smile, but he is in no means perfect. He is young, too, a little reckless, and irresponsible sometimes, like all boys his age are. The realistic depiction of people their age is what appealed to be the most. 
And the way they fell in love, headfirst and fearless—it just totally floored me. The way their pure, reckless young love is portrayed in the film is very...sunny, for the lack of a better description. Watch the following short scene and you'll know what I'm talking about:
Moreover, to my surprise and delight, this film not only deals with relationship, but also touches on other issues on many levels: Carolina's older brother is moving out because their father doesn't approve of his career choices, Carolina's grandpa is sick, Carolina debates whether she should ignore her curfew... In a way it is a breathtakingly and painfully authentic depiction of adolescence. The ending, especially (for fear of spoiling it, I'll stop here).
What I wish I saw more in the movie is the foreshadowing of the ending, however. Although I quite like the ending, it seems to me a bit that the director was running out of time and just decided to end the story. This is the reason why, regretfully, I couldn't give this film a rating of above 4.

To conclude, I want to show you the lyrics to a very poetic, slightly melancholic song in the movie that I think is so true of young love (and did I mention I am deeply, completely and irrevocably in love with this song?):
(lyrics translated from Italian)
I would only need a kiss
a sudden kiss with you
but a kiss would be enough
to turn off the world
being surrounded by darkness
that flows me flying out in the sky
I would only need a kiss
stolen from you
hearing the night
screaming in my head
but a kiss would be enough
to turn off the noise
and not be afraid of the darkness around us
you know my leaves
fallen into time
reborn every night
lightly touched by the wind
you know my butterflies
rained down from dreams
flying full of summer
I would only need a kiss
living with you
an experience without words, nor sound
but a kiss would be enough
and I would know about us
children in the darkness
that enlighten the world
so, you know what? I live an emotion
I live it through, till the end
taking back poetry
I would only need the first kiss
one with you
and then look in silence
what is left of me
Vanessa :]
[sources: imdb, tumblr, youtube]

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