Monday, January 7, 2013

Music Monday! An epic story

So, finally, I went to see Les Misérables on Saturday, and—I simply have no words for it. Let me just put it this way: the movie was almost three hours long, but it hardly felt like it (the "hardly" is for my bladder's sake—it certainly felt it).

The epic story of Les Misérables was incorrigibly sad and inspiring at the same time, and Hugh Jackman, Russel Crowe, along with other members of the cast, certainly did the story justice.

Now, for this Music Monday, I want to honor the great movie and the great story of Les Misérables. Henceforth I present you I Dreamed A Dream performed by Anne Hathaway (another darling I adore):


  1. oh god you're killing me here. i must see this! curse you small-town theater for showing Jack Reacher before Les Misérables!

  2. Is that so? Jack Reacher before Les Mis! That is a sin!

  3. I know! I mean Tom Cruise is a nice looking man, but I need some revolution!