Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Girls'-Night-Perfect: LOL (2008)

Language: French (oui, oui, j'adore!)
Year: 2008
Director: Lisa Azuelos
Cast (part): Sophie Marceau, Christa Theret, Jérémy Kapone (<3)
My Rating: 4/5

"When Lola's boyfriend is unfaithful to her on his summer holiday, she dumps him and flirts with his best friend as punishment. But as their class prepares to leave on an excursion to London, the relationship heats up."

Anyone who knows me at all knows how much of a francophile I am. I am very obsessed with anything and everything french, from macarons to Les Misérables (the novel) to the language French (seriously, is it not beautiful? is it not romantic as hell?)

So, I was very much inclined to give this move a 5/5 rating, simply because it's French and takes place in Paris (the City of Light!) and reminds me so much of Anna and the French Kiss and the guy protag is smokin' hawt (Jérémy Kapone, girls, Jérémy Kapone. He is a real danger).

The film is very cutesy, and a perfect pick for a girls' night in. It's a rom com/chick flick that has a very smart double plot: as Lola deals with problems concerning her a-hole boyfriend and her friend who is a boy, her mom (played by the elegant and beautiful Sophie Marceau) has to choose between her ex-husband--who she still sleeps with--and a charismatic police officer she met by chance.  
The whole movie is on the lighthearted side, with an appropriate amount of PG-13 scenes. The plot is easy to follow, and the story is funny, moving, and ridiculously relatable. 

Recommended for: francophiles, those who are looking to be wooed by a beautiful guy protag, chick flick lovers, french learners (who will learn quite a few curse words from this film), Sophie Marceau's suitors.

And finally, may I just say: if only I went to their school. Oh the Baroque buildings. Oh the ornate wrought iron gate. Oh Paris.

*fangirl moment: omgomgomg I love Jérémy Kapone he is the best he sings and plays guitar and eats lollipops like a pro omgomgomg see this movie see it and you'll know what I'm talkin' about!*

C'est tout! 
Vanessa :]
isn't he beautiful? aren't they so very cute? :3

[sources: imdb, tumblr]

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