Friday, January 25, 2013

Holysweetfreakingjesus a never-before-seen Anna and the French Kiss chapter?!??

You guys know how much I love Anna and the French Kiss, right? (See my review here.) Just now I was on the author, Stephanie Perkins's blog, and ohmygoodness what did I see?!??? She said, "Imma reveal a deleted chapter (MIND YOU, A WHOLE CHAPTER) of the book!!!" I know I'm being a complete idiotic fangirl right now, but guess what, I don't care at all and the important thing is that next week I'll be able to read more about Anna and Etienne!!! (like, adjfds;fhajdsf;hgfshf;akgjdsfkfh;gadf)

Anyhow, my ecstasy is beside the point (kind of). What I want to say is that this chapter is a very generous decision of Perkins's, so I thought I'd spread the word about her ebook sale of Anna and the French Kiss, happening this Sunday wherever ebooks are sold! (ONLY $2.99!)

Trust me:

Okay that's that. Now I'm gonna shut up and dance around my room because I'm just so happy.

Vanessa :]

EDIT: and what what what John Green has a video about Anna and the French Kiss?!?? How come I didn't know that? My two favorite authors, ohmygod!

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