Monday, January 28, 2013

marriage can be a real killer: Gone Girl

Title: Gone Girl
Author: Gillian Flynn
Rating: 4.2/5

Let's begin by saying that this book will mess you up in the head. You will fall in love with one character, while you despise another. Then, the next chapter you'll change your mind. By the end the lines between "good" and "bad" are slightly blurry and you'll be left wondering who exactly you should hate (I vote everyone).

This book is like a car wreck, you just can't look away. I would reach the end of a chapter knowing full-well who was the antagonist only to be twisted like a pretzel in the next one.

I really like the format of the story. Flynn creates a plot that is easy to understand, yet impossible to follow. It's told from two points of view. The man's (Nick) and the woman's (Amy). Nick's is a first-person present POV while Amy's is a flashback journal entry (and other things that I can't spoil). This keeps the story fresh and keeps the reader guessing until the very end.

I think the thing that jumps out at me most while reading this was Amy's disposition towards men (and people in general). She talks about how she creates personalities to fit what she wants people to think of her. When she gets bored, she changes herself into something different. While it sounds's what we all do. We're just less psychotic about it. She also points out all the ways that women change themselves to make men happy. She says that she was the, "Cool Girl." They kind of girl that men like. It's a really good look into what we do socially to please people.

This book is also a good example that everyone is insane and we should probably seek help. Amy is creepy and yet totally endearing. Throughout the book you'll draw parallels between yourself and her. If you don't then you're lying to yourself. She is just a more extreme version of humanity. Too smart for her own good.

This story is so full of twists that it's hard to remember what's true and what's fictional. Anymore information and I'll ruin it for you. All I can say is that the writing is spot on. It's been a long time since I really enjoyed reading something.

Definitely worth the read + a secondary one (because i'm sure i didn't catch everything).

[Fair Warning: there is some pretty strong language and some sexual situations in this book so consider yourself warned]

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