Friday, January 25, 2013

Sara's attempt at Fashion Friday

Okay guys. Just stick with me for a bit. Vanessa is gone for an art trip and so I have to do Fashion Friday. I seriously suck at this as I wear t-shirts and jeans...everyday. Our school's dress code is interesting and open to teacher interpretation so I just play it safe (and i'm also really lazy and cheap so i never buy clothes). So sadly, I have nothing to model for you. I will by next week when my order from F21 comes in. These are the first clothes I've bought for no specific reason in like a year. It's terrible. I'm an awful excuse for a girl. Anyway, since I just bought a pair of ripped skinnies I thought I'd kinda showcase all the wonderful ways in which one can wear skinny jeans. 

These three examples here are why I really love these jeans. They can be dressy (left) or casual (middle) or even comfy (right). It's amazing what a different top and pair of shoes can do. 

I just bought a pair with a tie-die pullover and the pink and blue hightops that i'd posted a picture of earlier this week. But I've got a bunch of ideas for them later on. (i'll also post pictures of me in the outfit once it gets here. F21's shipping is really really bad)

Okay, so I know this is super sad. But it's the best I've got. I seriously suck and fashion and that's why I'm really happy Vanessa does this segment. I'm better at reviewing books and fixing pickups than this. Oh well. 

I made the examples on Polyvore. It's amazing and you should totally check it out if you love making outfits. It comes in handy when you want to go on a shopping spree and plan ahead. You can mix and match all these items to make outfits. Or you can just buy straight from the linked sites to the clothing. Either way, it would probably be more helpful than this post :P

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